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2020/2021 Application Guideline

Required Documentation:

  • SHS Transcript

  • WASSCE Certificate (or provide a Testimonial if you're still in school)

  • School ID or Birth Certificate

  • Transcript Calculator (Click to download. You will need it in the Application form)

  • Essays (There are two required essays in the Application form)

  • The Application form

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Click on the Application form to review before completing

  2. Scan all your required documents and save (including, SHS Transcript, WASSCE if you completed SHS, School ID or Birth Certificate)

  3. Download this Transcript Calculator form

  4. Fill out the Transcript Calculator form using your SHS Transcript. 

  Note: You can download the Transcript Calculator form and fill it out offline. 

  5. When you've all your required documents, click on Apply Now to start your application 

Note: Application deadline is June 1st, 2020

Feel free to visit our office at Adukrom, Kumasi or call the following Application helplines for guidance: